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Construction Defect Repairs

Nordic Services, Inc. considers it an honor to be recognized as a top quality contractor in this specialty field. The 1990’s ushered in new revelations in building construction regarding some of the methods practiced and products used. Numerous performance failures including many large scale problems surfaced in our Puget Sound region. Teams of experts were comprised and we were invited into the Construction Defect repair industry by them. For us it is a perfect fit. We enjoy performing quality repairs. Construction Defect repairs are usually re-designed with the highest level of performance integrity. We work with some of the best structural engineers and construction consultants in the business and appreciate working in concert with them. Nordic Services, Inc re-builds using their designs. We perform, they inspect, the customer gets a top quality product and everybody is happy. There is a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing there has been a premium vested into doing the project right; we don’t use short cuts because quality counts in the long run. Quality is remembered long after the bill has been forgotten.

Most Defect projects include moderate to substantial amounts of structural rot where the degree of deterioration is always an unknown. We have carefully designed a documentation method of tracking these rot repairs which are generally excluded from the base bid amount in our contracts. If nobody knows the exact degree of rot which is hidden behind the exterior envelope, it makes sense that the contractor can’t account for those costs in their proposals. Our system provides for accurate and fair charges for everyone. The contractor doesn’t feel the need to over budget as a way to account for unknown surprises. The documentation is tracked daily which includes written descriptions of the work, pictures, and an accounting of time and materials. We adjust to every project’s specific needs and use our innovative skills to deal with the great variety of obstacles that come our way. Whether you need minor or extensive residential repairs, large scale multi-family repairs, or your place of business needs repairs, we are ready for the task at hand. Our teams of experts are skilled in all types of exterior envelope replacements. No job is too small or too large. Listed below are some of the services we offer with regards to Construction Defect repairs.

  • Consulting Field investigative services
  • Temporary building protections
  • Temporary egress provisions
  • Turn key operation repairs
  • Various high performance siding systems
  • Quality exterior and interior restoration
  • Respect for our customers property
  • Clean and safe process
  • Accurate and fair time and material documentation
  • Law suit appraisals

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